Sunday, December 2, 2012

Literary Rejections

Definitely one of the friendlier literary rejections I have gotten. Always nice to get a personal rejection for your writing, as opposed to the first round form rejection>>

Hello Stephen,

Thank you for your submission of "Andante and Allegro" and "Black Pavement."

Unfortunately we don't feel either are a good fit for XXXX XXXXX (edited out).

You have a wonderful talent for creating beautiful scenes with your words, and even though we won't be publishing your work, I enjoyed reading it!

Best of luck to you, and thank you again!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting settled in

I am all here and stuff, getting settled in. Hope to begin brewing again relatively soon, but lets face it, I need a thing called a job to take care of my family. Priorities and all.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Simple Mick's Pilsner

Just a simple recipe you can get off, it's a pretty good starter for new folks, and produces a decent beer. Mostly posting this to be able to finish up a page of the blog (i.e. make it not empty). In other news, moving to Switzerland in less than three weeks.

  • 3000g Light Malt Extract (liquid)
  • 30g Saaz -60 mins
  • 45g Saaz 20 mins
  • 25g Saaz 2 mins
  • European Lager yeast 12-15 deg
  • 19 litre recipe.
OG: 1043 FG: 1014
Primary Ferment: 4 days
Secondary Ferment: 7 days, ready 2 weeks after bottling
Boil water, add extract, boil.
Add 60 minute hops. When 20 mins remain add 20 minute hops. when 10 mins remain add irish moss. When 2 minutes remain add 2 minute hops. After 60 minutes switch off heat. Cool down and pitch yeast.